UI suggestion

It would be nice if we could see the total assigned hours of our employees in the shedule screen so that we don´t need to switch to the employee overview every time we want to know how many hours employee X is already assigned in shop Y. The name bars are long enough to just add the total assigned working hours there in my opinion.

Just something simple like:

NAME SURNAME (xx hours)

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Another reason this would be extremely useful - I decided to have a law firm with 8 desks that runs 24 hours a day, so that that means I have 24 lawyers working.

As I was hiring / training them up, as soon as a new Lawyer was added to the mix, the person was placed randomly among the other lawyers, and it was a bit of a pain to go through and figure out which person was new so I could drag them to the new desk - especially when many of them share the same first name.

Having this feature and maybe an “(Unassigned)” option for those that haven’t been placed would be amazing!

The law firm was the exact same reason why I had to switch back to the employee overview over and over again to set up my ~30 laywers and it was no fun at all :wink: .

It would have saved me a lot of time if I could have seen their total assigned hours in the shedule overview.

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Funny coincidence, just two days ago I mentioned the same issue to Jonas and suggested exactly the same. :smiley:

The schedule screen will get an overhaul in the future, so it might be one of the things to include there. Although the final decision is not on me.

For now, I’ll move it to Feature Suggestions category, so people might vote on it.

To anyone curious, here’s the UI mockup for the revised version:


That looks good!

But then also make the “employee frame” taller. At the moment it only shows 2 rows for me (see my screenshot, so 6 employees overall, I´m playing in 4k if this makes a difference?!). So if you have 20+ employees you have to scroll a lot and there is a lot of unused space left.

Like also show the total hours within the name bar on the assigned “item”, but won´t work for short shifts so…

The overall goal should be to see the total amount of hours in this screen for each employee without scrolling much.

That looks clean and clear, I like it.

Also, really looking forward to the cleaning update that is hinted at here since the stores are currently filthy all the time :smiley:

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Ah yea it should actually be like that today. Noted!

We can show it when there’s space at least :+1:

Didn’t even realise I was spoiling that :joy: But yea, cleaning slots will be completely adjustable.