TUTORIAL: How to access the beta files starting from 14/11/2022

TUTORIAL: How to access the beta files and start playing!

Step 1: You will have to purchase the **Gold or Silver** edition of Big Ambitions.

To get access to the beta versions, you have to purchase the Silver or Gold edition of Big Ambitions! Both versions will give you instant access to the beta. if you haven’t done that yet, go to the website and purchase the Gold or Silver edition of the game.

Step 2: Downloading the correct beta files

2.1: Using the direct download link:

If the payment and order process went through you'll receive an e-mail of Humble bundle with a direct download link. Click that link and the following page should open.

Select the correct platform: Windows, Mac, or Linux.
You can also select Download type: Direct link download or BitTorrent.

Click download and you will start to download a ZIP file containing all the beta files.

2.2: Login the Humble Bundle website and access your library:

You can also login with your account on the Humble Bundle website.

You go to their website: https://www.humblebundle.com/

Click the ‘login’ button and enter your e-mail and password linked to your Humble Bundle account.

You then click on the account icon and from the dropdown select: Library

Here you will see a history of all your game purchases from Humble bundle including Big Ambitions! As you can see the layout is a bit different. You click the preferred download method and make sure to click on the dropdown where ‘Windows’ stands in case you want to play on a Linux or Mac system!

You simply Click the Download button and it will start to download the .zip file with the beta files in it!

Step 3: Opening / extracting the files to a set location on your computer

If you don't have any zip file program that can open this .zip type, 7-zip is a free program that would do this for you. When opening the zip file you will see something like this:

It’s important to now create somewhere on your computer an empty folder and give it any name you want. Most logic one would be Big Ambitions. :slight_smile:

Then move all files from the zip file to that location. Or use the ‘extract to’ function to extract all the files to your newly created directory.

In my case the location is:

M:\Games\External\ext_Big Ambitions

Step 4: Playing the game

You just double click the .exe file that will start the game right up!
Your saves will still be present from the Big Ambitions Playtest so you can pick up where you left!

Step 5: [EXTRA] To add the beta to your Steam Library list, follow these steps:

This is an optional step, but if you want to add the beta in your Steam Library list do the following steps. Click in your Steam library on the ‘Add A Game’ button.

A list will pop up, click browse:

You go to the directory where you saved your Big Ambitions game files. In my case this was:

M:\Games\External\ext_Big Ambitions

Select the Big Ambitions.exe file:

It will now come on top of the list:

Click ‘Add Selected Programs’

You will now have the game into your Steam Library just as you did with the Playtest:

Just press the play button and the game will start up.



I do not understand how I deleted this message …

Maybe I’m dumb. In fact, take away the “Maybe”.

I was thanking you for the tutorial, which I have already followed step by step (and obviously everything went very well)

Small thing to add - when an update/hotfix comes out (like one just did), it’s not automatically applied, currently. You’ll need to download the newest version from Humble Bundle using the same procedure as above and delete the previous version.

Hopefully the devs make an updater solution that’s more automated, but for now, it’s a manual update!

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Just recently bought the Gold version of the game after playing the demo on Steam and loved it. As far as I have read it should work on my Mac, but I can’t seem to get it to run. I just get a message saying ‘This application can’t be opened’. I have looked at the above instructions, but they are for a Windows based computer. The demo through Steam worked fine, so I’m not sure what the problem could be. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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You should be able to right-click and click open (instead of double-click) and then you should be given the option to open.

Thanks for the idea, but I get the same problem doing it that way.

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It’s a permission issue. Try the folowing command in terminal (make sure to set right path with " on each side):

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine "/Users/Jonas/Downloads/Big Ambitions.app"

Make sure to change the path, unless your name is also Jonas and the game is in your Downloads folder too :sunglasses:

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Thanks for your response. I have tried your possible solution but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. It still won’t load the game. Same message as before. When I type it into the terminal, am I supposed to get some kind of response? When I first tried it, it couldn’t find the file. It didn’t seem to like the space between the “Big Ambitions.app.” When I removed the space I’m guessing it found the file as there was no error response. Then I tried to open the game I got the same response as before. I have tried to open it on my iMac and on my Mac book pro. The iMac error message just says The application can’t be open. On my Mac book pro it says I don’t have permission to open it. As far as I can tell I have put the right filename path.

Thanks again for your help

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You used the " in front and end of your path link right?

Also this first one might be necessary?

chmod +x “/Users/jonas/Downloads/Big Ambitions.app/Contents/MacOS/Big Ambitions”

Running this after lets you play the game: xattr -d com.apple.quarantine “/Users/jonas/Downloads/Big Ambitions.app/”

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I mis read your instructions and I did not put the " either side. I have now managed to get it working. I did have to use the other command that you mentioned. But all is working now.

Thanks so much for your help.

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