Truck Parking

I am owning a truck, however, parking is really complicated.
If you park parallel you are always hitting light poles and trash bins while aiming for the middle of the spot. Usually you are still on the pavement or the road with your wheels.

This so far is realistic, and I can live with that in New York, but aside from that we have no truck parking spaces. Especially for large shops like IKA you cannot park anywhere.

I would suggest a few larger parking zones strategically placed in the city or widening the existing spaces. Any solutions from your end?

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Agreed. Designated street truck parking, loading docks, or the ability to pickup from a warehouse, similar to the NYC Bistro (?) would all eliminate this issue. Right now I either don’t even use the truck because of this or I just take the parking tickets (Which I love for the realism, so I can’t really complain).

You’re right, but honestly, I don’t think this will be changed. The freight trucks are big and bulky and mostly used for assigning to warehouses. If players want to use them, they can, but it’s never been intended to be used a lot. But we’ll see.

Just park sideways in a few spots, and you’ll be fine! :smiley:

You can! It is possible but two funny things happen if you do:

  1. When you parallel park with the truck you will eventually touch the road. This results in huge traffic jams behind the truck. The cars are not passing by - what I dont really care about, but looks kinda stupid.
  2. The truck sometimes “jumps” over the sidewalk decor. Especially the hydrants or ticket machines sometimes throws the truck away. Which looks funny when you fly a few meters but does not damage the truck.

I tried to use a truck as a rolling/mobild storage location for furniture etc. but it is hard to find a parking spot for it. The result was to get daily ticket by the city. :smiley: I guess, we need to find a solution which is really useful. Any ideas?

Overall, it’s very challenging to park the big trucks. They are mostly intended for use in warehouses :smiley:

I couldn’t help myself,

do as the taxi drivers do, just double park! :wink:

You will find if you park across multiple parking lanes in either Ika or anywhere for that mater you will be parked legally, try it.