Traffic Laws (Include a Toggle)

I know it is fun to simply speed throughout the city and it is super efficient we can just blow past red lights along with crash into various objects but I think traffic laws would make the game a little bit more enjoyable. This could be implemented by simply adding laws where you have to stop at lights (maybe add key binds for signal lights) along with other various rules of the road. I would only implement this if there was an option before creating your save or within your save (whatever sounds best to others and the devs) to choose if you want traffic laws as I understand a lot of people would find them annoying.

If this was implemented I would also add a driving school to the city so you can get your license for your vehicles instead of automatically being able to drive. I would also add a system if you get to many tickets and your license would be revoked.

I understand this feature suggestion is a little bit far fetched but I have been thinking about this since I have first played the game and finally decided I was going to share my thoughts on this.