Trading/ Securities Firm

Start up a trading firm that will trade stocks in the market and garner a profit. It will function like a office firm but with a unique addition to it. In general to other office jobs trading firms earn relatively less on a daily basis. However the firm will have a unique “bet watch” (name is in the works couldn’t come up with something better atm) mechanic. which means that every so often a trader in your firm will make a big bet in the market that can result in a HUGE windfall of money for the player [it could go up to millions] which the players will be notified by both message and pop up of how much money was made. However, on the flip side, if your traders are not the most highly skilled the opposite can occur with your traders hemorrhaging money. Players can try to limit this by setting a cap on how much traders can bet in a single position but It will also further diminish your daily revenue and how much you may win big on a bet [though it is still possible to win big, just a reduced chance]. It means that the firm must be constructed with care and cannot be slapped together over calls with instillation and recruitment agencies as you can end up with sub par traders who can potentially make your whole enterprise go under. But, on the opposite end of things, can be a wild card that can push you over your larger and more diversified rivals if done right.

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