To make the game better, here are some suggestions:

  1. Add more depth and complexity to the gameplay mechanics. While the game’s core mechanics seem solid, adding more depth and complexity to the gameplay could make it more engaging and challenging for players. For example, you could introduce more variables that affect the success of a startup, such as product development timelines, investor relationships, and industry trends.

  2. Improve the game’s graphics and user interface. The game’s graphics and user interface could be improved to make the game more visually appealing and user-friendly. This could include adding more detailed and realistic graphics, as well as improving the navigation and organization of the game’s menus.

  3. Increase the variety of startup options. While the game currently focuses on technology startups, adding other types of startups, such as retail or service-based businesses, could make the game more diverse and interesting for players.

  4. Expand the game’s content over time. Finally, adding new features, challenges, and gameplay mechanics over time could keep the game fresh and engaging for players. This could include regular updates with new content, as well as expansions that add new types of startups or industries to the game.

  5. Introduce more personalized gameplay. Giving players the ability to customize their startup founder, company name, logo, and other aspects of the game could make the gameplay more personalized and immersive. This could also include options for players to choose their own company mission, values, and culture.

  6. Provide better feedback and analytics. The game could provide more detailed feedback and analytics on the performance of the player’s startup. This could include data on customer satisfaction, employee morale, revenue growth, and market share, which would allow players to make more informed decisions about their business strategy.

  7. Include more real-world business scenarios. Incorporating real-world business scenarios and case studies could make the game more educational and informative. For example, the game could include scenarios based on successful startups such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook, as well as challenges based on real economic trends and events.

  8. Improve the tutorial and onboarding experience. The game’s tutorial and onboarding experience could be improved to make it more intuitive and easy to understand. This could include more detailed explanations of the game mechanics, as well as interactive tutorials that allow players to practice different aspects of running a startup.

some more features :

-Random events: Add random events that affect the gameplay, such as natural disasters, pandemics, or market crashes. These events could have a significant impact on the player’s startup, and require them to adapt and make quick decisions.

-Giving more depth to marketing campaigns: Allow the player to run marketing campaigns to promote their products and services. These campaigns could include social media ads, influencer marketing, or public relations efforts, and could have a significant impact on the player’s startup, they should also generate reports to help players improve their businesses.

-Investment opportunities: Allow the player to seek out investment opportunities, such as venture capital funding or angel investors, rather than relying on those super easy to get bank loans, or taking risks or investing into someones startup in the game

-Board of directors: Allow the player to form a board of directors, which would provide guidance and oversight for the player’s startup. This would require the player to balance the interests of different stakeholders, such as investors, employees, and customers.

-Stock exchange and short selling maybe

-Non-profit ventures: Allow the player to start a non-profit venture, which would require them to balance social impact and financial sustainability. This would provide a unique gameplay experience, and allow players to explore different business models and make them more attractive to people which would consequentially make the businesses more attractive.

-Exit strategies: Allow the player to develop exit strategies for their startup, such as selling the company or going public. This would require the player to consider long-term growth and sustainability

-Adding more in game Jobs like a personal chauffeur for the character to drive them to places or security to protect against theft in businesses if that get eventually implemented

-The furniture and office planning should be more ergonomic as millionaires don’t do that in real life they just hire people to do so for them, so i think some default possible layouts should be there for the player to choose from and set up directly everything rather than do everything on his own , should be for a price of course and via for example an interior design company to make it more fun and more difficult

-The ability to make personalized products like clothing types design or perfumes or jewelery or games and apps in the case of the dev firm

-Finally just optimization of some tasks that take a lot of time like bulk training or even a time training configuration that can be done via the HR managers to people working under their portfolio

The game has a lot of potential to become one of the best management games ever it just needs a lot more features and more depth and a bit of social life to it but generally it is quite appealing to players Great job to the dev team


The business scenarios sound interesting even if they are not based on real-life companies. It would be nice as a third game mode apart from the story and sandbox. Where you can only open one type of business and with debuffs like you can’t earn a certain amount until you open your 3rd store or meet certain goals or a scenario where you start as a bum only being able to work from the beginning with minor jobs like at the supermarket “El GATO”, delivery boy or any other minor job that is added in the future and after a certain goal and start a big business.


A lot of these have been suggested, and I know that at least 2 through 8 are definitely being worked on (IE, there’s a few service based options. Though it isn’t tech based as ypu mention it, it’s goods based, but I’ll let that slide, because more variety of businesses is always a good thing. UI is being refined all the time, so it should only get better, etc).


I think a lot of what was suggested by the OP is already listed in the roadmap or just standard for game development in general. I am loving the more jobs in game and furniture layout suggestion.


This idea is brilliant - but it also risks making the game insanely difficult.

But super cool thought.

the market crash exists its when you open the fast food

I don’t want better graphics - I’d rather have a game with the graphics as it is now.
So it can run fluently on Steamdeck, and regular computers.

I already think the system requirements is high.

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Agreed here. Game runs great and looks great as is. I don’t think improved graphics would add much to this game as the graphics fit the game style and play perfectly as is.

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The warning on GRAPHICS UPGRADES exists in history, with the brilliant game of CAESAR 3 being ruined by the move to CAESAR 4 which had absolutely superb graphics but completely lost the fantastic gameplay element of the predecessor.