The game requires item annotations

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The game requires item annotations

For example, I don’t know what P&S Peolab 90 does for furniture stores

What’s the difference between frozen food and fresh food

Before purchasing home appliances, we do not know the customer capacity, such as gift desk account for 15, cash register account for 30, cabinet cashier account for 20

The beauty of the store told me to buy a table, but the table didn’t go up until I changed the staff into uniforms


Most definitely! You’re right and that’s already on my list of important community requests for the devs to address!

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Thank you for your answer

So now can you tell me what P&S Peolab90 does?

Also, the human resources department needs to be improved. I want to automatically recruit employees with specific attributes, freeing me from the choice of full-time or part-time employees to hunt for company phone messages.

P&S Peolab 90 is a Luxury Speaker. It plays music. Currently all speakers are the same as far as customer satisfaction, but that will possibly change in the future.

Frozen food doesn’t fill you up as much.

This should be better after the update in EA 0.3 “Employees: Revised recruitment/hiring system”

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Thank you for your answer. I am looking forward to the future update.

I thought P&S Peolab90 was an automated programming server capable of replacing programmers or lawyers. Why do the citizens of this city like to listen to the radio so much? This may be a meme that reminds me of the luxury stores in Paris that play music from our two dollar store. :rofl: