The Game Price for Turkey

I know, game development is very expensive, but players in Turkey will not be able to pay 216 TL for an independent game. (I’m not speaking for myself because I’ll be buying it after a few bug fixes). To reach more players and be more profitable, I recommend you to lower the price of Turkey.

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What do you mean? 216 TL is about half price already from the country I’m at!
If they would drop the price even lower it would be free…

Besides, according to Google, the minimum wage over there is around 8500 TL per month with an average of 94000 TL (way more then I make, converted). I don’t think 216 TL is that much of a bite out of that wage.

Big Ambitions follows Steam’s pricing recommendations. We suggest contacting Steam instead!

whaaat? buddy, whaaat? buddy, 0.01% of the country earns 94000 TL. According to official figures, half the country earns the minimum wage. At least half of this money goes to house rent. In general, people cannot pay for something more expensive than two coffees (games, movies, concert tickets) (about 100 TL). AAA game price is at least 1000TL and this is 1/8 of the minimum wage. 216 TL is 2.5% of the minimum wage. Do you think it’s really cheap?

Yes you are right, you can’t check every country’s price

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Yes I do.
I just calculated. Your 2.5% is right. But in our country the percentage would be around 2% at the minimum wage. And we even do not have insane inflation.

So yes, I think it a really, really fair price.

Man, are you know what is the high inflation? I really say the right one. Its so expensive.