The Game Is Amazing, And I can't wait for Multiplayer Support!

For a game to be 0.1 and be this amazing is just outstanding!

I’ve also noticed on the roadmap that there is Multiplayer coming in the future, which I stopped for a second and smiled, but my question is this, how do you guys think you’re going to implement it?

The last thing I want is to go to war with other randoms or friends, instead I wish to work together, be in the same headquarters and expand from there.

Also I noticed that new “cities” are coming, I was hoping that the city of New York would expand as time goes on, I assume it’s cheaper on the budget as well.


If multiplayer were to happen, the intention looks like co-op, not vs, so that should be good!

But just remember, new cities and co-op are still in the “hopes and dreams” part of the roadmap (not confirmed yet), but they would be amazing!


^ What he said :slight_smile:

I do wonder if they intended co-op to be like (Open)TTD.
This game gives the option to either run the same company with two or more people, or just be in the same game together with each their own company. There is no real ‘war’ in that game, except for a small economic skirmish.

Personally, I would love for multiple people to be able to run the same company. Yes, it would make the game easier. But who cares? As long as it’s fun, right?

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