The future of "Uncle Fred" Objectives / End Game

I had some thoughts about Uncle Fred / Tutorial, especially as the end game starts to come together.

The intro tutorially is great and recent changes have forced players to do a few more very specific things, which is honestly smart. The game can be a lot at first, so making sure they don’t get overwhelmed and fail is important, and too much freedom when they don’t understand can end in disaster.

But after you’ve played a few times (or restarted over 100 times as I have), that intro can be restrictive and unneeded (and recent changes have made that even more painful). Of course, we have the options for “Story” mode and “Custom” mode, but I still want to be able to restart and play the story (I’m 18 and eventually deal with the “Doctor’s Appointment” and whatever the end-game is), but I don’t want to be forced to do a tiny giftshop, and then a fast food place every time I start over.

Perhaps the story mode can have a “skip the tutorial” option that gives you the apartment and car, but doesn’t force you two make the two stores, and still allows you to continue the storyline.

Hey Dave!

Basically, what I think you miss from just going with the custom mode are the initial apartment and free car right? Doctor’s appointment will also be necessary when doing a custom game, you just won’t be guided through it.

We could add an option to include the beginner apartment + car in custom games. I’m afraid that splitting up the story or making part of it a tutorial would be too much work considering how few players it affects.

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Oh, that solves my concern then. I was worried that it would only be in the “story mode”!

The car/apartment aren’t really a big deal, in my opinion, so those could easily just stay “story mode” only.