The 8 Dollar Challenge!

Does anybody else start their games with $8? I enjoy working up from practically nothing. After 2 days of working at the El Gato, the maximum loan Jensen will give you is $6857. I tried to go 3 days at El Gato but the no home penalty made me sad and I couldn’t go in to work!

I am interested for others to try this challenge and let everyone know how it went! I also play with 25% tax, 130% costs, wages and interest, and -10% negative interest. It’s a great challenge!

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Sure, sounds fun. Any other restictions?
I usually try to limit my developent:
So first 5 businesses in Garment > then 5 in Murray > 5 in Hell’s Kitchen > open Midtown with no more limitations


I usually wait until at least my 3rd store before I do clothing. I also usually only charge 40 for cheap and 100 for expensive. Even with the lower base prices, clothing is still basically a cheat code, LOL.

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Very true.
In my last games i have done:
Garment: only cheap clothing
Murray: 4 cheap + 1 expensive
Hell’s Kitchen : 4 cheap + 2 expensive
Midtown: 4+4 (cheat code activated :smiley: )

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