I’d like to have taxis in the game to use for money. I could either call them (higher price, will arrive after some time) or just catch one at the street if it’s available.
When entering the taxi I’d have to pick a destination from Voogle Maps and it will bring me right there.
It should also be possible to transport a box. For simpler gameplay I would limit it to only one box which you hold in hands when leaving the taxi (otherwise with more boxes the taxi would have to wait on the street, making it more complicated).


similar idea i had to automatic driving. only difference is player owns the vehicle versus computer controlled vehicle.


I like this taxi idea. I’ve mentioned elsewhere having a personal driver, but this would be a good idea for earlier game when you can’t afford that extravagance, but still don’t want to manually drive/walk.

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I like the idea, but I’d rather see it drive me there then just teleport me.


I like the Taxi Idea better than automated driving for early game. I also like the idea of a personal Towncar and driver as a luxury expense after you have made your fortune.

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Hi guys,

Regarding “automated driving”, I think the idea is awesome on paper, whether it’s in a taxi or a towncar, but you would have to wait out all the red lights and follow the regular traffic. It would be much much slower than driving yourself.

I imagine most players will lose their patience before reaching the destination.


The only way I see it, either its going to be a “teleport” to a particular place, or nothing at all. Jonas is absolutely correct, we wouldn’t want to wait all that time.
On the other hand, just give us more subway stations and an ability to call a car =)

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That’s a very good point about following the legal routes. I definitely don’t do that while driving myself around like a maniac, so that would get annoying, most likely.

That would help for sure.

One thought is that luxury homes should have garages for your vehicles. Maybe you have a “valet” rather than a “driver”, and that valet can (perhaps instantly) bring your car to you, wherever you are on the map.

Edit, for language clarity: I’m using the North American version of valet here, meaning: “a person employed to park cars.”


  • Potentially add one or more subway stations around 1st or 2nd Avenue in the current beta map as there does not appear to be any past 3rd Avenue.

  • Depending on how realistic people want it you could theoretically implement penalties for reckless driving like tickets for running red lights, car damage/insurance claims to make “auto driving” make more sense. But like @Jonas said people would probably “lose their patience” and want more of a Grand Theft Auto 5 like driving experience so they can get places quickly.

  • @Ampire & @DavidEstesCreations I agree that calling a car would be nice but, depending on how it was implemented it could be used as an exploit to quickly move equipment & Inventory around the map. It could potentially be limited to only cars (without anything in storage) and not vans/trucks.

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Hi guys!

As always, really appreciate all your feedback, it’s super valuable :slight_smile:

It’s coming for sure! Here’s a map of how we planned out subway stations for the new Midtown area. We’re targeting a max distance of 3 blocks from any station. New stations for Garment District and Hell’s Kitchen is planned for Beta 3.

I thought about private garages for the Buildings DLC (gold), but valet parking might be even cooler. We could use the same fadeout effect, as we do for the upcoming auto-park feature (Beta 2 spoiler):

Even if players use it for moving stuff, we could simply “punish” by fast-forwarding in-game time, similar to the time machine/sleeping.


Something else that could be cool could be to add bikes. I’ve seen that there are bikes on the sidewalk so you could add ones that you have to rent out or a bicycle shop where you could buy one


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