Supplier discounts / subscriptions / reputation


here is the idea, subject to the condition that there are several suppliers of the same type and not only one I mean by the fact that by dint of buying salad and hot dogs from a supplier always the same. the price of the salad reduced or in case of purchase in large quantities rather than having a fixed price

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I already plan on introducing more wholesale stores that come with better prices and more exclusive products.

Adding an additional quantity discount is a great idea. I like this :slight_smile:

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How about a change to the idea… Loyalty discounts. Using the same wholesaler repeatedly gives a reputation discount ? using an opposition wholesaler lowers others reputation discounts.

So being a loyal customer to wholesalers gets you a benefit.

Also maybe when you get waterways and docks… Let us become the wholesalers and get supplies from the docks etc to supply the wholesalers ?

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At the moment, there are two wholesale stores in the game: Metro Wholesale and NY Distro Inc, on each side of the same street. I made a comparison of the two from my (admittedly limited) experience in the game, and… Well, you’ll see. Here are the advantages that one has over the other:

NY Distro Inc:
-More choices
-Lower prices
-Can enter with or without vehicle
-Open 7/7, 8:00 to 20:00, even open on Sunday.

Metro Wholesale:
-Opens at 6 AM everyday except Sunday.

The very slim advantage that the 6am opening time offers does not, in my opinion, offset the advantages of NY Distro. As such, especially early in the game, there are no real reason to go to Metro Wholesale. By adding a required subscription to the warehouse, it would add some incentive on going to Metro Wholesale instead, especially since they are right in front of eachother.

Good observation and suggestion! My initial idea was to limit these wholesale stores by organizational income, so you would need to generate a certain amount before being allowed to be a customer. I’ve noted your idea of making it subscription-based too. Interesting.

In the beginning of the game you’re supposed to get a job any way. Why not allow to work in different stores to gain reputation with the store / and or the manager, that you will later use to get discounts on goods in the store for your own. I personally visit the appliance stores all the time ( forgetting of course to talk to the manager to get the stuff shipped )
You can do ’ quests ’ or continue to work for them. Later, make deals with imports and other goods for rep. But not excluding other things:
Bigger shipments
New Items for shops ‘earlier’ than the competition

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My idea is to have an Ika (or other furniture/appliance store) subscription for a year that unlocks both premium discounts and a same day delivery option that delivers same day. The subscription will be paid outright and every end of year, Ika (and/or others) will send you a new year card thanking you for being a member to where you can also cancel your subscription for the next year if you wanted.

There’s been multiple times I’ve wanted to fast track setting up a business (web development recently) and I’ve needed 50 desks, chairs, computers and additional requested furniture, and the delivery limit was restricting me from opening next day.