Supermarket Improvements and Suggestions

I run a fairly large supermarket in the game (1000 square meters with approximately 1300 customers per day) and I suggest the following for consideration:

  • Baskets, Buggies (Trollies, Carts) and Customer Item Capacity- Add a shopping cart as an option for customers to shop with which will allow them to shop and carry more than 10 items (as they can now with the basket).

Buggy/Shopping Cart Example

-Traffic- have a way to control store traffic. The current building has two entrances/exits, however, everyone uses one entrance only. Controlling traffic patterns would be helpful to help free up space in the checkout area. This can be done by allowing the building of partitions, rails or entrance/exit systems.

Entrance/Exit Gate Example

Queue Line Example
Capture_queue line

  • More item selection. It would be nice to see other departments set up for the Supermarket including Dry Grocery, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Bakery/Deli, Meat and Produce. These can be in the generic forms they are now (for instance Fresh Food and Frozen Food) this would add more variety to the game without becoming burdensome (such as making individual items to stock).

  • Better freight management (flatbeds, u-boats_larger capacity than the standard issue hand truck)

UBoat example:
Capture uboat

  • Smarter Order Delivery (on demand ordering, machine learned ordering (store learns sales patterns over time and automatically orders what is selling the most and cuts back on the least)

  • Additional Employees_ Stockers / Baggers and those to work in various departments (Meat, Produce etc).


Some of those ideas are ok but for the rest especially stockers… you are looking at a very different game. That would be more of a single business sim. Also not seeing the need for crowd herding since it doesn’t appear to be broken

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