Greetings! I am here to offer some possible improvements.

  1. MAP: A mechanism of ‘transit points’ can be added to Voogle map so that people can follow the GPS to go gas station first then go home.

  2. TRAVEL: people can go to the port and go for a trip overseas which is joyful.

  3. ROAD REGULATIONS: although adding this would absolutely harm driving players in this edition, but I think with the fixes in the road map, this would be acceptable. Hitting people freely or driving on the sidewalk feels so good, but also unreal.

  4. LOGISTIC: in the ‘insight’ part of a shop, a number of the total sum needed to fill the selling place of each type of goods in this shop can be added, just look at the ‘customer capacity’. It would be much easier for players to make logistic plans, calculations no longer.

I looked at the road map, but it is a time ago. If some of the things above are already involved, I’m sorry :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your attention if you read this.

Also, why can’t I grab one paper bag with one hand?