Suggestions from new player

Hello, I have been ploughing hours in to this game while I have been sick. 28 hours in the last 3 days haha. It’s a great game and I love it but a few suggestions, things I’d like to see and general thoughts.

I’ve been a sims player since Sim Tower and I’ve craving for something new, Life By You looks good but it’s not out yet and Big Ambitions is basically everything I want but without the Sim experience.

Firstly, it sounds daft but I’d like to be able to sit on the sofa when watching TV as my character just stands there so I’m not sure what the point in buying the sofa is other than aesthetics. Also, being able to sit down in a coffee shop once you’ve bought your coffee and croissant would be nice instead of just standing and eating it and again eating dinner at a table at home. It can take like 10 in game minutes. The need to shower and use the loo and then putting these in the game. Basically, all of your current features plus things my sim can do.

Maybe later down the line as well a social need. Don’t have to go far as relationships and kids and then kids going to school and stuff but being able to talk to people in the street when walking around would be a nice touch.

Oh and more job options when starting out other than just working at the supermarket and being able to spin the map when walking around/driving. The amount of times I’ve gotten lost or been t-boned by a car because I couldn’t see it coming is unreal lol

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