Suggestion list ok?

Hey, new here.
After about 100 hours in this game in the last 3 weeks, I’d like to suggest some stuff. Would be ~20 points :smiley: , and I really cant be asked to read through ALL the threads here and check if anything already exists. Would that be ok?

Hello and welcome! Glad you’re enjoying the game so far and we’d love to hear your feedback!

Honestly, large lists aren’t that useful overall, especially for feature requests and suggestions. The community won’t be able to vote on which ideas they like if they’re all in one list, so it’s best for each idea to have its own post.

And easy way to check if an idea exists, though, is to use the search feature at the top-right corner! Type a few key words and see if something pops up. If you don’t see anything, please create the topic!!

However, if you really don’t want to do that, you can just make a general post like this with a list - it’s just not as visible when we go through and pick which features to include next :smiley:

Found an even better way. I just type my suggestion and when I’m done, I will find a fitting topic on the right side (in most cases at least) and vote on that instead of submitting mine. Thx :smile: