Studio & Future Insights #2

“When is Big Ambitions EA 0.5 coming out?” “Where’s the roadmap?” “Happy Early Access 1-Year Anniversary!”

Great question, and thanks! Sounds like it’s time for another big studio update with all the answers to all your questions!

Here we go:
Big Ambitions - Studio & Future Insights #2 - Steam News


Unfortunately, they quit doing the roadmap a couple months ago. For some reason it’s very annoying.

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Good new! Roadmap:

If you click the link in the original message, you’ll see all this and more :slight_smile:

What is the EXPERIMENTAL BRANCH… is it a closed arrangement for certain developers, etc or is it open for us all to experiment with.

Great question! All answers are here:

Does that mean that I simply get an update to EA 0.5 later today on STEAM, and then play with that before letting you know it’s perfect (or some slight changes required…lol)

It’s up now! The post has instructions on how to access it!

But basically, yes! :smiley:

Small bug report sent as AUDIO SETTINGS don’t allow music to be turned down except on GLOBAL rather than RADIO or MENU adjustment. Loving the layout additions so far. Speak soon.

That is correct - the music settings are for your personal music, but the music in other businesses is part of the global sounds!

Surely that would remove the traffic noise, footsteps, etc, as well if reducing global settings. Just wondering as I retained those in the old game, but removed the music as I dislike music when calculating figures (being a musician, I follow the tunes instead…lol). Is it not more logical, therefore, to have a separate volume for GLOBAL MUSIC. I can’t remember what the options were before the change.

More options is definitely a possibility!

But for now, the big change is differentiating the music playing from the player’s devices from the “surrounding world”, which includes music from other vehicles, outside of clubs, inside AI stores, etc.

I agree with that. The problem I had was that RADIO music was playing when it shouldn’t be… that is the small speakers I install in the shop, so I assume those are controlled by the RADIO VOLUME and not GLOBAL.

Oh I see. Those speakers in your buildings and controlled at the speaker itself!

Yes… I just buy the $80 speaker from Ika Bohag and put it in the corner of the shops to stop customers from complaining about having no music, but I normally have it turned down so I can’t hear it. This new Experimental Mode doesn’t let me turn off that music.

You now control the speaker at the speaker itself!

Hello David,

First of all, greetings from the heart of Europe, from Austria!

It’s been a while since I’ve found time to play BA again and it seems to have evolved a lot. I would like to give you great praise and thank you very much for this brilliant game.

I noticed you guys started offering DLCs. Could you tell us a few secrets about whether more DLCs with city expansions are planned? I would be happy to find out more about it.

Best regards


Thank you so much, glad to see you’re back!

DLCs are still quite far away. We mainly added it to the roadmap to make it clear are indeed coming, but it’s not going to be until we feel the base game is solid. Expect at least one year.