Street signs/names

It would be nice to see street signs while walking around.

I’m not really sure how readable they would be with the current perspective but I’d really enjoy if I could memorize street names after a while and navigate using those signs instead of Voogle Maps.
Uncle Fred could then just tell me “Hire your first employee - you can find the employment agency at the corner 31st East Rd / Hovgaard Avenue”.

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I think that rather than street signs (or in addition to them), it would be nice for the street names to be ‘painted’ on the streets.

I think that these should show up at each intersection and at the midpoint of the block between intersections. It is difficult to keep your location in your mind. If there is an objection due to ‘immersion’ or other style issues, it could be optional.

I think this would be especially useful to newer players.


I like the sign idea, but I think it could be hard to read. It took me a while to even notice my stores had my store’s name on them - because of camera perspective, I never saw them until I turned the camera around.

I really like this ‘painted on the street’ idea. Especially at the intersections when I’m just dashing around town, it would be nice to see the street name on the ground so I can navigate in my head without having to pull up the map.

Street signs were added to the game in Beta 3 :partying_face:

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