Storage cleanup

I will be using cheap gifts in this suggestion, as it’s the ware that I know the best.

I work in a store, and one thing that can quickly become a complete mess if employees aren’t careful is the backstore. Often we’ll find the shelves in the back completely full, with no place to store newly received items. That part the game already does well: bring back a box with only 1 cheap gift and put it with 13 other half-full boxes? You got a shelf that will LOOK like it’s full, while in truth it’s mostly empty.

A job we could be able to do with the in-game storage shelves is what we do in our store, so a total cleanup. It can take a few hours, but we usually end up freeing 25%+ of the space available. In-game, this would allow the crates to be re-filled with other half-empty boxes, freeing space. Right now, if you got a box of 2/200 cheap gifts with 15 boxes of 100/200, odds are you’ll grab all those 15 boxes first.

Another feature that could come with this is the ability to quick-pick boxes in a shelf, and the ability to expand the stack of boxes to see which box is half-full, which is half empty, and thus select which one to use first. The quick-pick feature would randomly select a box on the shelf, allowing faster stocking, but leaving partial boxes in the shelf (basically what the current system is almost), while the second feature would allow to easily control the amount of cleanup needed in the storage, but taking more time to actually place stuff.

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As long as you got employers working and goods stored in your storage, the shelves will automaticly restock themselves. So if you let your staff do the restock, this fixes itself :slight_smile:
you just need to have available goods in your store.

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Very much agree about consolidating partial boxes. While what @MrIgesund is true…sometimes I want to manually restock a shelf!! lol :smiley:

Sometimes I want to restock manually too, but the time is running too fast in the game.
After I stopped restocking them, I really noticed how much ingame time I spent on it.
I get that 1 sec = 1 min is a natural selection, but for me it’s not very balanced in this game.
And not to mention the traffic.
I’m pretty sure I’m stuck in traffic at least 2 hours a day.
it’s just crazy.

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I would like to see this. I think the issue originates from your logistics manager only sending out partial boxes from a warehouse because it is based on # of goods not boxes. While it usually isn’t a problem, even players like myself that allow the businesses to run themselves. When I upgraded from 75m space to 125, I went from two storage shelves with 14 boxes each down to just 8 boxes after manually consolidating. In my opinion, the best solution may be adding a “sort” button to the cargo management window to automatically consolidate your boxes.

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Hi guys,

@David and I just had a short discussion on this topic. Our approach would be:

  1. Unstack/split boxes of unequal quantity in the UI. So if you have one box of 10/100 and another being 100/100 it will show as two individual items in the UI.
  2. Always merge boxes. Imagine you have a shelf holding an existing 10/100 box and a 20/100 box in your hands. Clicking the shelf would instantly result in 1 box of 30/100. The same would happen when you receive deliveries.

Would this be a good solution for you all?


sounds good :slight_smile:

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