Stockmarket and charities

There is a sad lack potential options to invest in, and an investment firm really should be a potential option to produce.

Charities are part of the means in which people in the real world get tax deductions. Perhaps opening the church in the city as place to meet potential charities and give money to them would be beneficial? Maybe rivals are not very charitable, or they give to specific charities.

Crime and Corruption should be punishable, as should one be able to investigate rivals activies and charities for tax evasion.

The stockmarket being active could be interesting, and access to a TV could be a means to review stocks.

This very barebones set up, and there are certainly others here who could broaden what this could end up being.

I liked Startup company’s investment ability, and I would like to see more of that. Along with dividends, and the ability to take your own company public, or keep it private.