Stock persons and more

I’d like to see a new job as “stock persons” to keep shelves, racks, machines etc filled so they don’t appear to be running out all the time. Also, maybe adding the feature to be able to see available empty storage space in the warehouse from the logistics menu. Also, can we please see through the trees surrounding the parks when in a car? TIA

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I feel like perhaps this is a function that could perhaps be added to the cleaning staff? The only reason why I propose that versus implementing a new staff role is to not complicate the schedule system any further and also to help players see the value in the cleaning staff role. I see a lot of players advising new players to not hire dedicated cleaning staff but instead to use regular employees to fulfill that role instead. Perhaps if they saw more “value” in the cleaning staff role they would be incentivized to simply add a regular staff member an hour before opening to clean the store. As I am a neat freak, I actually have multiple cleaning staff members working for me at my busier stores especially on busier days so my customers and I are always happy.

Otherwise, I agree that I hate waiting until the stock runs out for the employees to refill supplies. I wish there were a setting for those of us who like things a very particular way and that the employees would restock at the “orange” caution level for someone like me who prefers not to let things run out at all. It makes me super anxious to see all those “red” alerts anytime I enter a store.