Sticky notes/ notebook

Would be nice to have an in game sticky note or to do list system so that when I have to drive to five different places for multiple reasons each I can remember and don’t have to just wait for alerts or constantly open and close the bizman/econoview.

It could be added as a bizphone application that is literally just click on it and it opens a text box that you can type your list of tasks in. Would be nice to be able to have it open while walking/driving but even just the basic bizphone app would be great.


Would be very Usefull i am using excel for this haha so yeah it would be very easy to system all things that we need

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Excel is definitely a good idea as well especially where you can export your finances and compare everything if you want to be hardcore which is great for some people and I think the sticky notes would work well with that but also for anyone who didn’t want to go as in depth could help simplify that process so that you don’t have to do that much work in excel to keep track haha