BizPhone Apps: notes / alarms / calculator

Would be nice to have an in game sticky note or to do list system so that when I have to drive to five different places for multiple reasons each I can remember and don’t have to just wait for alerts or constantly open and close the bizman/econoview.

It could be added as a bizphone application that is literally just click on it and it opens a text box that you can type your list of tasks in. Would be nice to be able to have it open while walking/driving but even just the basic bizphone app would be great.


Would be very Usefull i am using excel for this haha so yeah it would be very easy to system all things that we need

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Excel is definitely a good idea as well especially where you can export your finances and compare everything if you want to be hardcore which is great for some people and I think the sticky notes would work well with that but also for anyone who didn’t want to go as in depth could help simplify that process so that you don’t have to do that much work in excel to keep track haha

Could be useful to have like a note book or a to do list to help us to organize when it comes to buy all the materials for a new opening or things we want to do


An app where you can type things what you need to buy so you don’t forget anything.

I would like to be able to purchase an alarm clock for my home that I can set to wake me up at a set time. Or allow us to do it on our phone, with the option for different alarms for different days if needed.

Also the ability to keep notes in our phones would be ideal so we can display them on the screen if we want to.

I really enjoy the game, but at times I want to advance time and other times I need to purchase stuff for the shops (As importing cost to much when you only need 1 or 2 items to restock) and other times I end up redecorating my shop as I add more products to sell.

So the end of the day might be 9 pm or it could be 10 am. As of now, when I go to bed, I have to set what time to wake up, but if I forget to change it, then I might oversleep the following day.

As for the notepad I think it would be useful when you get your stuff for a new place, or expand an existing business. Being able to, in game, to write down that I need to get 2 more multipurpose chairs, 3 desks and 3 computers for my HQ, as well as getting the law firm a coffee maker, not to mention the 2 corner counters for my gift shop.

Yes, I can write this on a piece of paper on my desk, but why not allow us to make better use of the phone within the game? maybe even include a calculator app for when we want to see the total cost of opening and decorating a new business.

BTW - I moved this over here because it’s in the same general idea for extra phone apps/notes!

Overall this has been a pretty frequently requested thing, so I think we’ll be seeing notes/alarms/calculator type apps in the future!