Steamdeck Support

Hi guys,
I started playing this game some days ago and I really like it so far. I wonder if there is the possibility to play on Steamdeck, too (I don’t have one so far). In the release notes for version 0.2 there is a hint that Steamdeck support is included, but I can barely find any information about this on the internet. Steam itself says, that the game is not supported. Is that right?


The game is not yet Steamdeck Verified, which is what Steam is reporting. There is some optimization and controller updates we are working on before it’s “verified”. That being said…

Some players have managed to use it decently on the Steamdeck already. You need to push graphics to the lowest, and do some manual key assignments, but in theory it can be used already!

Thank you for the response! I will soon try myself how it works.