Starting a new save with the 0.3 Update a must?

Hi Guys,

I just started a new game this weekend. I forgot we’ll get a new update in a few days… Whoops haha.
Are the save files compatible with the different versions? I mean compatible without majour bugs due to the save being created in 0.2 and being reloaded in 0.3(Roadmap - Big Ambitions). Thanks in advance for al the good work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome - great time to join, as the new update is coming very soon!

If you’re on the latest version of 0.2, you should have no problems jumping over to 0.3! There will be a few new things that you’ll need to adjust for existing buildings, but overall, you should be fine!


Hmmm thats good to know hehe!

Does this only apply to the 0.2->0.3 update or does it also apply to the following updates 0.3 → 0.4 → 0.5 ->0.6 etc?

(Just to make sure i dont have to ask the same question everytime hehe)

Maybe its a smart idea for the devs to put someting like this in the roadmap update on the main menu of the game Roadmap - Big Ambitions

"* latest version of 0.2 is compatible with the 0.3 update. but check your stores for some finetuneing :wink: "

To be fair, it will probably be a release-by-release thing. We will try our best to make them continue each time, but at some point we might alter something enough that breaks things. Hopefully not, but I don’t want to promise, and then it changes!

When you load into EA 0.3 for the first time, there already is a “something” :wink:

Hmm curious to know what that something is hehe! but we’ll see.

Wish where was a countdown clock :innocent:(Countdown Timer to Any Date) :stuck_out_tongue:

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