I haven’t played since 0.2. What happened to all the cool songs? The current songs are okay. But 0.2 had awesome songs. Can’t remember their names though since I’m terrible with names. Where there “girl and boy” group? Jane and The Boy. That band was great.

True - there have been some music licensing changes as things develop and we lock in the expanding needs of the game/players/etc!

Don’t know if it’s the music but I was able to play for several hours at a time before. Now, I find myself saving and quitting after less than an hour. And since I restarted the tutorial, it seems like the change must be the music has changed.

Haha, maybe :smiley: You can always put your own MP3s in the game instead and listen to whatever you want for hours :smiley:

Probably just me being a musician, but I can’t solve problems and do maths with music playing as I want to analyse it all the time… great to have a volume switch that goes to zero… lol

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