Some Suggestions

I really like this game. It is still early days but here are some thoughts on small improvements:

  1. I would like the ability to have food delivered to my house. It could be placed outside or placed in the refrigerator.

  2. I would like to see the black jack game in the casino improved to include double down and split cards when appropriate. Also the interface could be improved to allow repeat bets. Obviously the casino is only a small part of the game but if we are going to have a casino than it may as well be realistic.

  3. I would like to be able to transport goods from one store to another through one time logistics if possible. I would also like a good way to transport between warehouses. I don’t know if I can currently send a pallet from one warehouse to another.

  4. This may be on the roadmap but I think the traffic laws should be enforced like parking tickets near a fire hydrant and going through red lights. Also, fines should get steeper for repeat offenders.

I will create other thoughts as I move forward.

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Hello! Glad you’re enjoying the game so far!

  1. That’s a good one! If you want, you can join that discussion already going here:
    Food Delivery - Feature Suggestions - Big Ambitions Community (

  2. More realism (and more games) at the casino has been discussed and requested as well. Personally I’d love to see some Texas Hold 'Em and other AI gamblers too :smiley:

  3. You can currently transport from warehouse to warehouse through your Logistics Manager (same way to send things from warehouse to store). You can’t send things back from a store, but it has been requested.

  4. Some things like “speeding tickets” are on the roadmap, but some things like “fire hydrants” might never be enforced, but we’ll see. Need to find the balance between realism and playability!

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I can already see myself needing to set aside a few hundred thousand for parking fees and getting my cars out of impound for number 4. So many red lights ran. So many cars parked illegally just racking up tickets.