Some small suggestions for the office

Hoping to increase the profits of the three offices. I remember in the initial versions, some players could set the price for the archive office (law firm) very high, exceeding $1000 for a service, I know it was somewhat exaggerated, it should be adjusted, but please don’t make it like the current versions where there is basically no income. Despite my decoration score reaching 100%, market demand at 75-85%, pricing at 100% satisfaction, 100% advertising, 24-hour operation, there is still almost no profit. It‘s challenging to recover the decoration cost. I think if the office income can be slightly increased, it would provide players with a new gameplay instead of just opening a high- profit store, making the gameplay too monotonous

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Hello! Just to make sure - are you playing on EA 0.4? Big Law firms can make $100,000 / day now, so I just wanted to make sure you’re on the new version! Especially with demand that high!

The one score you didn’t mention was customer satisfaction - that’s one of the most important ones, and if that isn’t high, you won’t get nearly as many customers as you could. Make sure you train your employees up.

Another point - make sure you check the BizMan > Insights page and switch the customers graph to “yesterday” to see an hourly breakdown. Running 24-hours / day is probably hurting you overall. You likely don’t get many customers during those hours, so you’re paying employees to do nothing.

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The lasted time I played was 2weeks ago maybe I need try one more times? And also the customer satisfaction was 100% cause if the price are too high I might lose some customers, btw I will try again and expect EA0.5 new update coming

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True, if the price goes too high, it lowers the pricing satisfaction. But the customer satisfaction is different, and that’s based on the employee’s skill and satisfaction level. If that is low, that really impacts customers a lot!

Hello, after testing for the past two days (with a new archive), I’ve found that the law firm only has clients from 8 AM to 7 PM. Therefore, my working hours are seven hours each day, totaling 14 hours. In the 50-desk office, I’ve assigned a total of 100 people, each working 7 hours a day, amounting to 49 hours per week. However, the income remains less than ideal (less than $20,000). The satisfaction data for all four clients is almost 100%, with a pricing of $275 per case (increasing satisfaction might lead to a drop). Marketing activities are also at 100% (three billboards and one large online ad). The initial regional client demand is 100%, and employee proficiency is also at 100% (though this occasionally fluctuates). Could you please advise if there are any issues with my approach

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That sounds about correct for the opening hours.

  1. The same chart you used to determine the best hours, can also tell you how many clients there are. If you’re getting 35 employees, but are employing 50 people at the time, you’re paying 15 salaries that aren’t being used. Depending on their salary, that could be a couple thousand per hour, or $20,000 per day. Might be eating a lot of your profit.

1a) Also note that if you’re working this schedule 6 days a week (that your weekend day is likely significantly less money than the weekdays). Make sure it’s even worth being open on that day and that you’re not losing money!

  1. A large billboard and a medium internet campaign should be enough to get to 97% marketing. So the other two billboards are just costing money that isn’t helping at all. That’s $600 a day right there. Not as much as number 1 above, but still something!

So, in reality, if there are only thirty clients per hour, then scheduling fifty employees means fifteen employees are being underutilized, correct?

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Correct! But be sure to check during the week - your wekeend numbers will be lower than the average!