Some ideas after 60 hours playing on custom

First off, a really great game, that seems like the new embodiment of a game i played a lot as a kid (Jones in the fast lane).

After playing a custom game now for roughly 60 hours, and 500+ employees I have a few things that is smaller or bigger annoyances and could be in need of some smaller changes.

In the settings tab for the business you should be able to set the uniform for each type of employee for the business, instead of manually for each employee or through selection on the employee tab.

Have some ways to give interior decorating companies primary, secondary and tertiary color specifications in some way if one wants that.

An ability to “chain” stores together and have a new position for the HQ as chain manager of some sorts. Where you can set uniforms, names, etc for an entire chain of stores. where you can get a quick overview of each store in the chain, supply/demand/gross and net profits. And this can also make it easier to implement a business you take, as one could just add it to a chain, and it will get the right logo, colors, uniforms, etc.

And we really need some sort of smart filter for the employees tab as scrolling through a list of 500+ employees is tiering and just something that takes a lot of time.

Any rich person would love having the ability to hire a private chauffeur for one of their luxury cars that will function as a taxi service just for you.

I hope these things makes sense, and none of them are very game changing, but smaller tweaks that can make life simpler when the empire grows beyond the initial 30 businesses, and couple hundred employees…

But again, a great game that really captivates me, and is a ton of fun playing!! :smiley:

And a huge cheers to a job well done so far to the entire dev team!


Hello! Glad to see you’re enjoying the game so much already.

Some cool ideas overall - several of them are either in various stages of planning or discussions, so that’s a good sign!


I also loved Jones in the Fastlane as a kid. Not sure if many know but someone did a browser based version at jonesinthefastlane DOT com. Plays just like the pre-CD voiced version. Me and the wife still play it often.