Some 30hours gameplay ideas :)

Hey There,
I played around 30 hours of the game right now and here’s some idea I got:

  • we need more music!! if you listen to the in game music, well, it gets really repetitive.maybe get more rights or upload our own music, it would be insane.
  • It would be nice if we could restock a store with the same number of products that have been sold.
  • the lawyers income are so low! if you get it working 24/24 you will only get 2000 dollars a day…
  • adding more ways to use the money. like managing a pool, a cinema, nightclub, hairdresser, bowling, gym…
  • being able to put in your car a cart different than the devil(diable?) with more than 4 places.
  • to be able to make several orders arriving in front of the same store without being told that we must first empty the other.
  • maybe add bathroom and player cleanliness?
  • remove alerts when an object will soon be missing on a stand but there is some in reserve

The game is really nice anyways, I think it’s just a matter of time but if you don’t have any more idea of uploads ( which I don’t think it’s true) here’s mine :smiley:


Hey glad to hear you’re liking the game so far! Be sure to check out the roadmap to see some of the cool things coming:

Roadmap - Big Ambitions (

A few replies to points that you have mentioned:

EA 0.2: Radio: Local mp3 files support

You can - just type the number you want to be stocked and it will do it. Or are you saying you want the whole thing to be automated so the player doesn’t have to do anything at all?

You need to increase their hourly fee tremendously, then they will be very profitable (especially if they are trained to 100%). Just keep an eye on your pricing satisfaction to make sure you don’t go too high.

EA 0.3 “New Business Type: Nightclub”, “New Business Type: Hairdresser”

EA 0.3 “Buildings: Add bathrooms to all buildings”


that’s cool!! thanks for the link love it!

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I already know I’m going to have a love/hate relationship with bathrooms if we are forced to worry about bladder concerns on top of sleep, happiness, and food. Will definitely be welcomed addition if that is the case though, but I won’t shed a single tear if it doesn’t.