Small QoL Changes

HI all, been a long time since my first post. I’ve been playing on and off now quietly for some time and I’ve finally sunk my teeth in properly with the EA launch! Congrats!

A few things I’ve come across that I thought could be looked at:

  • Camera pivot being only on the X axis is quite jarring inside buildings. I understand reasons as to why the camera is such a way on the street view, but inside builds, especially warehouses/distribution, it would be nice to have full range on rotation.

  • Interior Designer #1, I got confused when it come to finding the colour picker, it was RMB! I’d have assumed if I was in a new screen it’d be LMB. This is the only RMB element in the Interior Designer.

  • Interior Designer #2, multi select or global colouring of each item.

  • EconoView: It would be helpful to have a graph for money to view, same as the customers over time graph. The Income Statement is helpful, but at a glance it’s hard to get an idea on my numbers. It would be nice to see a global one for all businesses, and when you click into an individual business you can see its own graph.

  • Training Employees, having a slider for how many days worth of training instead of having to do it each day.


Nice - depending on when you last played, there have been a ton of updates in the last couple years!

Just wanted to add about camera pivot - EA 0.4 should be bringing “Better camera control”, so that should hopefully address some of the issue!

Awesome! Yeah, last played was last night :wink:
This feedback is based off of EA 0.1.
I didn’t spot the note in 0.4 - we shall wait till then!