'Slept in car' happiness penalty

I slept in the car for 5 minutes waiting for the NY Distro store to open and now I have a -25% happiness penalty for 20 hours?? That seems disproportionate. I’m not sure if thats a bug or if its intended to be that way.

It’s not a bug, but it’s an older mechanic that might could use a rebalance!

Maybe an additional button “wait in car” with max 30min? Or giving the debuff only when you “sleep” longer than 30min or so?

In my opinion, there are too less happiness factors in the game. At the moment, you can only gather hapiness by sleeping in your bed, playing pc games and gambling on a ship (pls corret me if I missed a factor). There should be additional happiness factors included. For example: driving with e-scooters or sitting on a bench just reading a book or listening to your ipod (no sleep, just take a rest).

You can rest on a bench for 1hr in a park for a boost, as well as watch TV. positive revenue of course is another factor.

You can also do sports. Either at the gym or just buy a threadmill or the pull up bar(better choice) at ika and put it in your apartment.
Happiness also adds up, so you can do a week worth of alternating tv/videogames/sports (after you got your businesses automated) and you are happy enough for months. Eating is not necessary for that. But I hope they change that with the next patch.