Skills in business

Hi, I have over 90 hours in the game. And I’d like to write down some of my observations and ideas here.

I’ve tried a few different ways to start the game. One of the quickest ways was to start a law firm for 50 employees in midtown right at the beginning. I hired a lawyer, trained him, and my profit was instantly 9k a day. In a few days, I had X lawyers and my profit was 10x bigger.

But I wasn’t really enjoying this way of playing the game. That’s why I think adding some progress to each type of business would be good. For example, you can’t open a bigger business until some skill is achieved in that type of business.

For example, I should only be able to start with a small law firm for 4 employees. And only after I serve 1000 customers and the staff level is more than 70% or I reach some reputation. I can then open a bigger law firm for 10 employees etc.

The same principle would go for other types of business. Every kind of business would have to start with a small shop. And then gradually progress to a larger one. Or opening new larger businesses. For example, for a florist, there could be an achievement that he has to sell 3k cheap flowers and then he can open a new business.