Setting up second warehouse

I have setup a second logistics manager, 4 purchasing agents and a second warehouse. How does one map a purchasing agent to a importer?

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After hiring the Purchasing Agent, placing an empty desk in your Headquarters, then assigning them to the schedule at your Headquarters, you can visit one of the importers on the pier and start a contract with your Purchasing Agent.

After you sat at a desk of the importer, he tells you to go to your agent.
From the top of my head: So do just that, go way from the importer and into your HQ. Your agent should have a new button.

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Thank you I sort of figured it out myself and kind of felt like a dumbass for asking but …


There are no stupid questions. At the minimum not for a game in early access!

Also, it’s definitely not something that is very logical the first few times you need it.

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