Selling Seasonal Items

This is an idea to keep the mid/late-game more dynamic since right now, once you have things set up, you can essentially ignore your shop until someone retires.

It would be cool if you could hire a “market trend researcher” that can predict seasonal retail items you can sell in addition to your regular items.

This could lead to some fun/risky gameplay. For instance: with a highly skilled employee, you might be able to predict future/upcoming trends. Perhaps you could preemptively buy out the complete stock of the seasonal item - of course, you would have to store it in your warehouse until the season starts, but then, you can crank up the price a lot since you are the only one that has it.

But if you buy too much, or inaccurately predict a trend, you could end up with a bunch of worthless inventory items you need to trash and lose most of your investment.

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