Sell a Vehicle with Cargo

You can sell a building with all the equipment in it and get sale credit for each object. It would be nice to have a similar feature for vehicles. The small ones are easy enough to unload, but a van and certainly a freight truck full of stuff is annoying to unload, if full.

Either that, or just let me open the back hatch of the freight truck and everything can fall out as I drive away :smiley:

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Yeah, but you bought that cargo for something to begin with right? Now your going to sell A whole vehicle because the kid does not want to do the work. :thinking: …lol…sounds right for alot of what I see at actual work :rofl:

You seem to misunderstand - you buy stuff when you need it, you sell stuff when you don’t. Currently you need to sell 61 items individually if your truck is full and you want to sell it.

This has nothing to do with the poor work ethic of your coworkers - just the efficiency of a repetitive task :slight_smile:

I agree though. It should warn you there’s contents in the trunk. But if you really want to sell the vehicle it should just allow it without the hassle of emptying your trunk.

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