Schedule complexity

One of the few things that was enjoyable being a department manager in retail was the challenge of building a good schedule. Sally needs Saturdays off, Andrei would like Sundays to spend with his family, Colin doesnt care if his days off are split, and Joe MUST have his days off together. Also planning lunch breaks, so that you have breaks covered.

Allowing benefits for granting weekends and employees having preferences would add a great amount of depth to the game

Keep up the great work

I’m curious to hear a little more of your thoughts here - especially because it seems many players are more interested in avoiding any employees that schedule requirements and want the auto-schedule tool to be even more powerful!

Currently, some employees have part-time/full-time demands, or 4-days / 5-days a week demands. Some want “no morning shift” or “no weekends”. And things like that.

But once you set that schedule, you can leave it there until someone quits or retires. Are you suggesting that each week, certain employees might have specific requests, or request days off, etc? Or similar to the current system, but perhaps every few months their demands change?

Following the in game logic and play, I would say HR would help alleviate the weekly demands. What I originally envisioned was:

  1. everyone wants weekends
  2. employees normally dont care if days off are together or not
  3. the preference would be added to the same pool as others like no mornings / no weekends

My in person retail experience, people normally want a stable schedule that has few changes so they can plan around that off work. Andrei and Colin were real example, Andrei just asked for sunday off and didnt care if his second day was split off. Colin was easy going and didnt care as long as he got the hours he wanted. Joe wanted back to back days so he could stay up late and game with his friends.

But your idea about monthly changes or demands sounds good, you can do them and please employee (be the good kind of boss); or ignore it and they take a hit in confidence in you. The player could have a reason for not making the change or busy making more money (the other kind of good boss).

Another thought is you can improve employee happiness by making a “good schedule”

Main reason I want to give my in game employees a day off. they work hard to make me money, they deserve compensation and time off haha.

It seems that a lot of what you’re wanting is currently in the game, isn’t it? An employee currently might demand a 5-day week. they don’t care which days you give them off, they just want 2 days off. Others might demand the weekend off. Others might demand no evening shifts.

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I’m just trying to make sure I understand properly! :slight_smile: