Scandals and World Events

I’m aware that the event feature already exist, but pretty it’s pretty bare bones with the only event I notice are back orders and businesses opening/closing.

I’m suggesting adding more events that affect more things.
For scandals you could have things like one of your fast food restaurants could have a burger king foot lettuce incident causing foot traffic to drop to zero for a dozen days. Or maybe one of your Lawyer botched a massive case causing customer satisfactions to drop to zero. Or the IRS decides to audit one of your business causing it to close down for a certain number of days.
For world events you could have like maybe a trade conflict between nations causes the price of your imports to spike or prevents you from placing import orders for several days. A pandemic that renders half your workforce sick for 15 days. Or maybe a bubble for a product or real estate pops tanking their market price. Overall I think these events would make the game more dynamic and rewarding, but please add an option to turn off these events for players who just wanna chill.

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