Return wrong purchase (ingame purchase)

I can’t find any topics about this, which might surprise me a bit.
Unless, of course, I’m the only one who has almost 3 shelves full of mistaken purchases and things I don’t use.

I miss being able to return things - it could easily be at a reduced price.

I am aware that if you have good control of your business, if you have something in stock, you use it first, but I tend to have everything mixed up now, such as shopping baskets, computers, lamps and refrigerators .

and when I open a new store, I don’t get to visit the apartment where the things are gathered.

So an opportunity to sell it. for e.g. half price would be good.

If you right-click on an item and grab it, you should get the option to sell it (and it is around half price, as you suggested!).

Thanks - it must be my eyes, neither my mate or I had seen that button.

Although it is in the same place as on the cars that I have sold. :smiley:

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