Allows the player to start a full restaurant.
Different from the existing fast food joints it allows customers to sit in and dine within the restaurant.

Possible levels depth that could be added:

  • Players have to build a kitchen
  • Players have to hire staff like waiters and cooks
  • Staff has various level of skill. Waiters have social and serving skills.
    Cooks can have cooking skill and management skills(as in head chef)
  • Player can choose different qualities of ingredients which will affect overall quality of service.
  • All the above factors make an overall quality attribute. Customers are more likely to recommend/return to a good quality experience
  • Once in a while food inspectors come by and players risk getting fined for poor quality.
  • Once in a while food critics come by and players get a chance to earn one or more stars(like Michelin stars) if they have excellent quality.
  • Better furniture and decor can also affect the overall quality.

These are just some ideas I had for a possible restaurant feature. Please get involved and leave your comments down below with your own ideas and additions. Let’s get the discussion started!


I like the idea of inspectors and restaurant critics.
Inspectors might care about cleanliness of restaurant & kitchen and just slightly about employee skills (checking whether your employees are working properly and following the rules). Besides that they don’t care much about your employees and product quality.
Critics should be massively influenced by quality of ingredients and employee skills (delicious food, good service).
For the start if you’re on a budget you could decide to provide lower quality to save money or skip cleaning but might risk more negative consequences than just a few unhappy customers.


I love this idea.

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I like the dynamic restaurant idea. They recently implemented restaurants in a simple online game called simpampanies You may want to look at how they implemented it there for ideas. If you are interested check the simcompanies restaurant guide on their website.

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I like this idea. I would like to open different kinds of restaurants. Chinese bistro, Italian restaurant, etc.

This is cool, it opens up space for each type of restaurant to need different ingredients.

I think it’s hard to make money in restaurants. i earn 2-4,000 dollars a day.

And yes, right now it’s very “burger and pizza” - so the idea of being able to themate is good - it also makes sense to open different types of restaurants next to each other.

So the idea that you can “go deeper” is good. it could also help raise earnings considerably.