Resources section of Income Statement

I haven’t made it very far into the game yet so I’m struggling to understand the resources cost mechanic. Not much is explained about it in the tutorial so far for me. At first, I thought I was being deducted the cost of supplies that I had stocked up in the closet and not on shelves yet. Then I realized it only showed up when selling items, which is weird because we already pay when we buy the supplies wholesale. Can anyone clarify this mechanic for me, please? Is there any way to minimize the resource costs that I am missing?

Hello! We’ll make it clearer on next versions, but for now:

  • When you buy the resources (Cheap Gifts, Paper Bags, Soda Cans…), you pay for them on that moment. That cost is not attached to any business (as you can use those resources on different businesses, or not use them at all)
  • When customers use those resources in your shops (let’s say, one customer uses one Paper Bag and two Cheap Gifts), the cost of those resources are stated in EconoView, but are not reduced from the bank account. This way, you know how profitable the business is.
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Oh, I understand now, thank you for the reply.

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