Research / Progression system

I would love having some kind of progression system in Big Ambitions other than economy (at least in harder difficulties).
Right now I always start up in Midtown (same price and rent, but makes A LOT more money because it’s Upper class).
There are no intensives to start retail in Garment District or any of the other districts.

I would like being restricted to only bying retail in Garment District at first and having the other District unlock during my playtrough. (the unloking could be linked to reaching goals in “persona”

Also rent and prices should be higher in more wealthy neighbourhoods. (staring up there should be more of a risk than in Garment (need more time to get a good flow of customers), but the rewards when making it should also be much greater (which it already is)

All inn all, this is a great game and I’m looking forward the each update :slight_smile:


I would like to suggest a research oriented progression system.
Imagine having the challenge to first unlock certain business types or processes before being able to do it. You could research simple things yourself, like currently by visiting the Manhattan business school.

  • Research first law firms and web developer agencies before being able to open such a business yourself
  • Hire other R&D people in your office to reduce import prices or reduce certain process times
  • Have developers discover new technologies to be always ahead of your competitors.

Especially the last one is the most challenging for late game experiences.
At some point your shop or agency might be still using too old technology to keep up with the AI.
Lets say having a web based menu for your fast food chain becomes the new standard. This would decrease your shops attractiveness.

In the mid-game you could also imagine to rather start with disruptive technologies and invest your money first in development within your startup. This could result in your monopoly for a special kind of phone, tv or awesome pizza recipe. You could patent it and have a continous increase in sales because of your secret sauce or your latest app feature.

What do you think guys?
Let me know your opinions.

Kind regards


I think this would be great for limiting the money rush that comes once you figure out the game and go from hundreds of thousands to the millions. I wouldn’t want it to be a requirement to open a store, but to maybe have it more profitable to the point where is now.

Right now it feels like once you know the formula, the only thing left to do is just start again and only target those categories of business. I think a good example of how this could play out would be if you opened a clothing store, instead of just being able to get the top items right out the gate, maybe you have to unlock different manufacturers to get the higher tier clothes. 1st tier is cheap, low quality product that anyone can get. 2nd tier is decent quality that you can’t price much higher than competitors, if at all. 3rd tier is top quality stuff that you can charge top dollar for but have to unlock and meet certain requirements of the store.

Something along those lines would stretch the gameplay out a bit to give more time building up instead of just jumping in, making 3 large clothing stores, being rich and throwing money away.


We have been merged :smiley: Cool to know that similiar ideas exist :slight_smile:

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Indubitably! Just want to make sure all the comments/upvotes count together so it gets the highest visibility possible! :smiley:

I think this is a simple but excellent addition from the suggestions above to include a research period before being allowed to use OFFICE SPACE for Law or Computer firms.

This can be easily added as more courses in the MANHATTAN BUSINESS SCHOOL in much the same way as the current Advanced level course allows the purchase of a second business.

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Brands / higher tier goods should have some prerequisites before you can sell them. This reflects real life - the more desirable the brand, the more they need to control their image.

They will want nicely decorated shops in nice areas with proven sales, maybe even staff trained on their specific product. They will want exclusivity, a certain amount of space, signage and guarantees not to run out of stock. They will want minimum orders.