Rent a car

Since it is financially difficult to buy a car at the beginning of the game, it would be possible to rent cars. For example, the simplest CheapSaloon car costs $ 2500, then it will cost$ 200 for rent for 1 day, $ 1000 for a week (for example). Van car (mini truck) at a cost of 6500 - rent for a day of $ 500, a week of $ 2500, etc.

i would like to see getting a car much sooner. personally I rather rent to own a car than just rent it or make monthly payments. I think making it possible to pay a car loan off might be better than just renting. but also have option of selling back cars or putting them on an auction. Maybe mid game could have car auctions. for players that want to save a little on purchasing a car. personally I like the prices on the cars now. i ussually get a van after getting 2nd business going. it does seem like a player could work at the supermarket til they bought a car then start a business. but thats just me. I rather have a van before i start my businesses.

i think the game will allow you to work longer at supermarket if the player wants to.


Thanks for the suggestions!

Just curious, have you noticed the subway system yet? It is meant as a cheaper (and faster) alternative to traveling by car.

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Yeah, the fastest and cheapest way to get to the other side of the city :metro:

Like this. I would like to rent a minivan. To restock items. Go once, buy bulk. Instead of running with a trolley.