Rename Sleeping at a bench

Hi all,

It´s possible to sleep at the benches in the city to skip some time.

But in my opinion the term “Sleeping” sounds not very comfortable.
We are not a homeless person that needs to sleep at a bench.

Wouldn´t it be more pleasant to call it “Waiting” when I use a bench?

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I see what you’re saying, but I think that’s actually correct. Especially with beta 7’s “Sleep quality (based on environment)”, if you sleep on a bench to pass the time, the quality of your sleep will be low since you’re on a bench. If you sleep in your car, it should also be lower. But in a luxurious home with a big bed and a full stomach, you should be getting the best sleep ever!

Even with a Sleep Quality system its possible to give it another name.
Perhaps doze or snooze could be an option.

So a person that don´t read all instructions/manuals could recognise that its not the same as sleeping in your own bed. :wink:

In the end its only my thinking.
Perhaps I´m the only one who won´t get familiar with the wording “sleeping” in relation with a bench.

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Interesting. It seems you’re talking about just using the bench to pass time without actually sleeping - some people have asked for the bench to have two functions 1) sleeping 2) sitting (“waiting”). It sounds like that might be similar to what you’re requesting as well. Just a way to sit and relax, but not actually “sleep”.

I don’t think the word sleeping itself should change because you actually are sleeping on the bench - like if you don’t have a home/car, the bench is the only place you can sleep. You can also sleep in your car, or you can put a bed in the back of your office and sleep there too.

But perhaps a second option could be available for the bench (like sitting or waiting) so you don’t get any negative impact from “sleeping” at a low-quality place, but you can still fast-forward time.

To choose between sleep and wait sounds like a great solution for the bench. :+1:

Now we have to wait if this idea finds its way into the game. :smiling_face:

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