Releasing Big Ambitions on Ps4 & 5 and Xbox

Hello! While researching information about a Buisness Empire game app I stumbled upon Big Ambitions and after watching 1 YouTube video I wanted to buy it! However it is not currently available on Ps4 or 5 or Xbox. Was wondering if you have plans changing this because I would love to play! I’m sure others with consoles would too. Please consider this! - Braxten A

Hello - glad to hear you are interested in the game! Unfortunately, consoles are not in the plans!

Can i ask why there are no plans for console? This is one of the fews games tgat im actually addicted to watching youtube. I really wish to play it, but dont have a pc. Please consider releasing it on console, since you’ll have a considerable playerbase there.

Hello and welcome! That’s awesome to hear the game has caught your interest so much, and that’s a fair question!

Of course, things can always change, so it’s possible at some point, but I don’t want to build anticipation just to have it not happen! So, more accurately, it’s not something that’s currently in the plans.

We’re a small team, so we want to make sure to deliver what we promise, and then hopefully go beyond that, rather than falling short of lofty goals!

Oh i understand your reasoning. Anyways you guys are doing an awesome job. Keep it up :heart:! Looking forward to binge watching many more videos on the game :eyes:.