📢 Release of Alpha 10


Be aware that we currently got two annoying bugs:

  • If you leave the supermarket with an empty shopping basket, the basket will be stuck on you. Saving and reloading will fix the issue.
  • After entering a shop (supermarket, appliance store etc.), you can’t enter the bank anymore. Saving and reloading will help here as well. If you enter the bank first and shops afterwards, everything is fine.

We’re already working on bugfixes.

If you’re more into visual stuff, here you get a quick video showing alpha 10:

Overall, I like the new HQ/Warehouse features. However, the profitability of some shop types and the limiting a warehouse to 4 deliveries brought some issues for me. So, here is my feedback/suggestions after Alpha 10.

  • The purchasing agent feels a bit clunky for a hired person. The logistics manager is much better. Personally, I would assign the purchasing agent to the Warehouse and not the port. (One purchasing agent per warehouse). And like the logistics manager, set warehouse targets for each product (min and max). The purchasing manager should automatically purchase products when the minimum target for one product is hit. And then it should basically fill up all products (from that port) to their max target. If the total order is below the minimum purchase, they can send you a message on your phone to help them to decide what to do.

To make it consistent, I would then also assign the logistics manager to the warehouse. So each warehouse will need 1 driver, 1 purchasing agent and 1 logistics manager.

  • I tried running a coffee shop, but I cannot get it to run profitably. The same with the Liquor store (the problem is more the number of boxes you need to buy per day means you are just running between the liquor store and the warehouse).

  • My fast food is struggling to make money unless I have all the product types in there. I cannot run just a pizza place. It must have pizza and burgers and salad and hot dogs, … Now, it doesn’t have to make millions per day, but if you run a pizza place it should at least turn a profit. The profit should also be big enough so that it can pay for its part of the warehouse/HQ that is going to serve it. (My goal is to have a pizza franchise and a burger franchise, etc.)

  • A nice feature would be a gallery with prebuilt shops. (I will add this to the suggested features section). After setting up the first 5 shops it became a bit tedious. I don’t mind having to pay extra to use this feature. E.g., all the items cost $25000, but you pay 15% for the people setting it up. It can also take 2 days to complete.

  • At the mid-level of the game, it would also be nice to have more slots on the recruiter. This can be gated behind education or something.

  • Most countries require that the owners of a law firm must be a lawyer themselves (same for accountants). So, for a law firm, you will need to complete a degree first. Maybe do something like web design or travel agent instead.

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