Regarding the issue of traffic flow

  1. If I set the store to open from 8:00 to 20:00, the traffic statistics page of yesterday will not show the traffic at 20:00. I must delay the working hours by one hour to 21:00 to show the traffic at 20:00
  2. In order to understand the time of day when a store has traffic, I must first set it to work 24 hours a day for a few days to check the traffic flow every hour, and then adjust it to open during the high traffic period. In order to do this, I have to recruit a lot of employees, automatically arrange them to work 24 hours a day (because the work automatically arranged by HR is a mess, they will resign after working for 2 days), and then readjust the business hours and shifts after a few days, and then fire the redundant employees. This is unreasonable and boring


  1. Yes, that is correct. The graph is showing you what happened during that hour. The graph spot for 20:00 is showing what happened for the hour of 20:00-21:00. If you close at 20:00, then nothing happened during that hour, so the graph correctly shows 0 traffic. The traffic that was in the store at 19:59 is included in the 19:00 hour graph point.

  2. That is one way to do it, yes, if you want to see the whole day’s graph and go from there. You could also look at the AI stores to use as a base reference for hours. Then you can experiment by expanding your hours until you start to lose customers. There are different ways to do it!

Regarding the auto-fill feature, that will be getting a big improvement in the future!