Regarding the experience and suggestions on vehicle driving, as well as the experience and suggestions on item transportation and enterprise item ordering, and so on

Firstly, regarding the driving experience in the game, even though I have purchased a car for 720,000, I still cannot get a good driving experience.

  1. Up until now, I have spent over 100,000 on car repairs due to accidents caused by rushing. It is difficult for us, human players, to rely solely on the WASD keys to make minor adjustments in direction while perfectly overtaking or turning on a double lane road. Even on a four-lane road, we may be scratched by some fast lane-changing AI cars, and it is challenging not to be hit by cars outside our field of vision, such as turning right and hitting a car due to a high building blocking the view. Once, under a bridge at night, I didn’t even know what caused my car to crash. Considering the frequent car damage, I think the repair cost is too expensive.

Regarding suggestions for driving vehicles, I have the following points:

  1. Perhaps adding some highways to avoid the inability to experience high-speed driving perfectly.
    2:I hope that the vehicle repair costs can be adjusted.

Secondly, I have some suggestions regarding transportation and ordering. In the current version, only 371st street can accept multiple orders. I think a company of considerable size shouldn’t only be able to place one order at a time. Firstly, I hope that other wholesale stores, such as 135th avenue, can take on one or more orders for their own company. I don’t want to be unable to place another order for company B while still waiting for order M to be completed for company A. Secondly, the limit of 18 for the quantity of items that can be transported in an order is too rigid. I can understand limiting the transport of “pallet racks” to 18, but why limit small items like hangers to 18 as well? Now, if I want to open a new 1000 square meter clothing store, I need at least three cash registers, four sets of eight hangers, three shopping baskets, and four storage racks to maintain basic operations. This requires me to drive a small truck that can only transport 18 goods per trip from 135th avenue to the new company and make two trips to complete one order, which is too troublesome. Thirdly, the limit of only one “cargo pallet” that can be placed in front of a company can be relaxed, perhaps? After all, many times the space rented by players for their company is large enough to accommodate two or three “cargo pallets”.

here are some small suggestions. Firstly, I hope there could be a bulk editing mode for indoor items. It’s too tedious to click on “handcart”, then “clothing rack”, and finally take out the rack and place it when putting 18 clothing racks. Secondly, maybe more spending options could be added for the money that players have. Currently, the money has little use other than buying houses and vehicles/yachts. It would be nice if players could buy more usable items or furniture, such as expensive jewelry that can be worn, coffee machines that can be used, or more effective services, such as a trip that can increase happiness. Thirdly, I hope that when sitting on the sofa facing the TV, the character could actually sit on the sofa and watch TV. It’s really strange to stand in front of the TV when there is a bigger sofa available.

Finally, as my native language is not English but Chinese, all the texts in this article were translated by the free version of GPT. For the names of the items in the game, I tried to use the original names as much as possible. If there is no original name, I will use quotation marks to indicate it, hoping not to cause any reading barriers. Despite some inconvenience, this game is still the single-player game I have played the most recently. I hope it can become better and better, and have more and more complete and improved features.

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Hello! A lot of good ideas.

As for ordering - there are a lot of changes coming in EA 0.2, and some after, which should really help with a lot of the issues you’re experiencing!

And you’re also right, a lot of stuff still needs to be added for that “end game” area so the player can enjoy their wealth and feel powerful!


I’d definitely like to see gas be more expensive and the repairs be less expensive. (I think all the costs are based on percentages of the original cost of the car right now?)

I don’t mind ping ponging off the walls and other traffic because I think it’s fun, but it does add up over time. I only drive the fast cars once in a great while because of it.

I’ve also noticed that my sports car guzzles gas like crazy, while my Honza Mimic hardly uses any at all. Maybe that’s intentional, but it seemed off to me.

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Yes, it’s based on the cost of the car, and how much damage it has sustained. You are repairing it up to its full value.

There are some fuel issues (like the tank filling itself back up) right now, so that could be contributing to why the Honza seems to never use any!

The roadmap Roadmap - Big Ambitions addresses a lot of your concerns for the future, but some of these QOL changes do really need to be implemented