Recruitment - Business Listing


Currently when you contact a recruitment agency and click to start a new campaign then you are presented with the combo boxes with Business and Primary Skill.

Currently it lists all business regardless of if the recruitment agency can offer any staff for your business.

I suggest it only list Businesses that it can offer employees for. This mainly affects the ‘City Workforce’ but could also affect ‘Anderson Recruitment Corp’ if you didn’t have a cleaning station at a business maybe.

Also if there is only one ‘Primary Skill’ that you can select, default to that one skill rather than having to select it.



This is a good point - and there is a balance.

On the one hand, it would make a smaller list if the non-eligible entries are removed. Especially as you grow with more and more businesses, this becomes very important.

On the other hand, if players don’t realize only certain options are available from each recruiter, they become confused by not seeing their business listed at all and think something is bugged. The current way allows them to “try” the wrong business type and then be warned that there is nothing for them to hire here.

But it’s still a good point you bring up!

You could avoid this if you added a new personnel type “recruiting team” or, depending on your skills, handed this task over to your HR manager with details such as age, skill level and entering full or part-time